Our Services
Services We Offer


Volunteers will take you to the store(s) and provide assistance if requested
A volunteer can pick up your grocery list and shop for you, if you’re unable to do it


Medical, Dental, Therapy, Social, Errands, Hairdresser, Laundromat
Volunteers pick you up at your door and return you home


We can help with minor home repairs (doors that won’t latch, loose step or railing, dripping faucets, etc.)

Yard Work

Volunteer(s) can do seasonal yard work, but we do not offer weekly mowing.

Friendly Visits

A volunteer can come by for a visit to keep you company

Respite Drop-In Center/In-Home

Our “Give Them A Break” caregiver respite program allows the caregiver of a loved one with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease an opportunity to get some time for themselves.
Bring your loved one to the program, where trained volunteers play games, do crafts, visit, have lunch and snack from 10AM – 2:00PM every Thursday.
If the individual doesn’t require hands-on assistance, e.g. toileting, feeding, etc., we can have a volunteer sit with them so the caregiver can go out.

Telephone Resassurance

A volunteer will give you a call on a regular basis to check in and visit.


A volunteer will come run the vacuum, help change the bedding, help with laundry, etc. This is “light housekeeping”, done periodically, not daily
Faith in Action Steuben County is a “Best Efforts” program, meaning that we will provide services according to volunteer availability. Our services are offered at no cost to you. Please do not offer to pay the volunteers- they cannot accept it. If you like, you can donate to Faith in Action Steuben County, but it isn’t required. Please respect the volunteer’s privacy and do not call them. Any requests need to come through the Faith in Action office.